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Introduction to my Blog and Other Trip Reports

Hello! And thanks for reading my blog.

This is me:

Although I am by no means amazing at any of the things I do, I have a deep passion and desire to get out and adventure. In the summer, I mainly climb, scramble and hike with some kayaking here and there, and in the winter, I mainly snowshoe and ski. I also try to get a few mountaineering trips in when conditions permit.

I have had my trip reports scattered throughout the Varsity Outdoor Club Trip Report page and have decided that it is time to move them all to one location, and start publishing trip reports from here. Although currently my blog is mostly just trip reports after the finale of trips, I will also have some have blog posts mid-trip on longer trips.

Not all are trip reports are published by me, however, and I encourage you to check out some of my other awesome adventures written by adventure buddies:

1. Ice climbing in the Rockies 2015-16

2. Lead Ladder 2015 (Trad Multi-pitch Climbing)

3. Cycle Touring Galiano

4. Juan de Fuca 2013

Lastly, I might not always post just adventure posts. Sometimes I might feel inclined to share my points of views on something. As a result, I will have a code at the beginning of each post to indicate what it is:

TR = Trip Report (whole trip inclusive)

TU = Trip Update (not an entire trip, but part of a trip)

P = Perspective (my ramblings about something or other)

I look forward to sharing my journeys with anyone who is keen to follow along!


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