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TR: Team Alpine Start and the Sunshine Coast Trail: June 20- July 1, 2013

In 2013, me and 3 friends embarked on the 180 km Sunshine Coast Trail, and did it in ~10 (8 full days and 2 half days) very relaxing days. I am adding a link to an older post here, instead of re-formatting it all here.

Introduction (Cora): A few months back, my friend Ionatan contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in joining him on the Sunshine Coast Trail near Powell River. This trail is 180 km long, and includes many lakes and mountains, as well as a portion that travels along the coast. There are huts along the trail, but the largest distance between two huts is ~48 km. Therefore, bringing a tent is a very good idea, for both this reason and also to keep bugs from eating you alive at night. Many of the huts are not completely closed but rather have open sides, which allows the bugs to find you and bite you relentlessly. I told Ionatan that I was super keen and then recruited both Laurent and Marie-Eve for the adventure. Marie-Eve read online that we could hike the trail in ten days. This seemed reasonable since that would be an average of only 18 km per day. We decided that we would hike the first 130 km from Saltery Bay to Powell River in 7 days, and then get dropped off at Sarah Point to hike the 50 km back to Powell River for our last 3 days. This is our tale...

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